How to look good in wedding photography

Every couple wants wonderful photos of their wedding day that capture the celebration, romance and beauty. So What can you do to make sure that you look good in wedding photography ?

Here are some of the things you should consider:

1. Choosing your photographer

Hire a professional qualified wedding photographer. Don’t be tempted to hire “Uncle Harry” to do your wedding photos. Focus on quality wedding photography. At the end it won’t matter how much you save or spend if you end up with bad photos or no photos at all. Take the time to select the best wedding photographer that you can have. Sree film world has a professional wedding photographers . So If you want to see our work , click here. 

2. Engagement photoshoots

Engagement or Pre- wedding photoshoots not only makes you  feel comfortable to cameras at wedding times , but also build  Some love between the couples , So your photographs will look more natural. Try to have an engagement session with the same photographer that will photograph your wedding. It will allow you to interact with the photographer before your wedding day and will help the photographer evaluate your best angles. 

3. Best lighting

If you are planning your outdoor wedding shoots, choose best lighting places and timings. because poor lighting may break your photos. So its better to ask your photographer  before you fixing that places and timing. 

4. Smile

Show your smile through eyes. It doesn’t matter how you smile by showing your teeth or not. Be natural , relax , and feel the love with your partner. Have fun , give some candid poses , Its your wedding day !

5. Avoid double chin

Just move your head little forward , then lift your chin and tilt your neck to avoid double chin. Practice this before coming in front of camera. So it doesn’t look  weird. 

Alternatively while doing makeup , Contour your face to create a good face structure.

6. Arms Away from body

Don’t stick your arms straight with your body. Have some small Gap between your arms and your body. Because it makes arms small and your body looks slimmer. 

7. Avoid heavy glitters and high spf foundations

Don’t choose your foundations having SPF greater than 30. because it may reflects light and create a white flash in photos. Also Don’t use more glittery eyeshadows and blushes.

8. waterproof Make up products

It’s guaranteed that you will cry in your emotional moments. So Wear waterproof mascara, eyelinear, kajal. So you don’t end up in blacky blacky mess under your eyes.

Sree film world has a professional wedding photographers . So If you want to see our work , click here. For more detailed good looking photography tips or wedding photography bookings contact us here.

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